Resolve to Find Your Marketing Resonance

Happy New Year; and congratulations on the beginning of another year in business! With this new start of a decade, many business owners are prompted to reflect and consider how they’re going to go bigger this year; how they’re going to grow their business and reach their inflection point! But, BIGGER doesn’t always mean more marketing. No, perhaps all your marketing really needs to fuel your growth is true resonance.

So, what is marketing resonance you ask? We all market our businesses; but, does our marketing resonate with our intended audiences? Marketing resonance is all about conveying your business’s most authentic value to the people who will appreciate and benefit from that value the most. It’s also about those people being able to not just clearly see and hear that value; but, to most importantly, connect with it and feel it!

Following are three ways to find your marketing resonance this new year.

1. Tap into your authenticity.

Resonance begins with knowing the note you will play. In physics, resonance, by definition, is “the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.” So, if you are the “sound” and your prospects are the “surface” or “neighboring object,” the question then becomes, are you just making noise or composing your unique sound? To truly create effective marketing resonance, you must begin by tapping into your authentic sound (aka your authentic brand).

2. See beyond demographic profile(s).

All too often, we define our target base by their demographic profile (e.g., sex, income, marital status, job/industry, etc.). But, to create true resonance, we must see our prospects beyond their census descriptors. “Reflection” or “vibration” doesn’t occur without a deeper connection to our prospects’ values. When we recognize our prospects as more diverse and individual, we begin to see that it isn’t as essential to reach volumes of people, but rather, the values of the right people.

3. Relate and respond.

According to the law of resonance, within a harmonically tuned system anything that is not harmonious cannot become resonant. Therefore, only harmony can resonate with harmony. So, with this comprehension, the point of relation becomes crucial when we seek to find our marketing resonance as a company.

Think about it this way, if you were sitting in a coffeeshop with friends and a person nearby called out the name, ‘Karen,’ you may not have consciously noticed it if your name is not Karen. It simply wouldn’t resonate with you. But, if your name is Karen, resonance is inevitable! You’d likely even stop and look around to see who may be calling your name.

When we understand the importance of harmony to creating resonance, it’s clear that our marketing not just message to our audiences; but, be developed in harmony with a deeper understanding of our audiences. By relating, we create the opportunity for a harmonious response.

Growing a brand isn’t about putting on a prominent parade; but, rather creating a thoughtfully orchestrated symphony. Will this be the year you find your company’s true marketing resonance?