Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs Episode 19: “Reframe Your Story” with Tyshon Phillips

In this episode of “Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs” I spoke with Tyshon Phillips, Systems Empowerment Coach & founder of Golden Admin LLC. Tyshon shared her journey to and through entrepreneurship – how she took the leap & listened within and outside of herself to ‘reframe her story’ and find growth in her business.   Katherine…


Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs Episode 18: “To Team or Not to Team” with Holly Fisher

In this episode of “Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs” I spoke with Holly Fisher, content creator, clarity queen & founder of Fisher Creative LLC. Holly shares her journey in entrepreneurship – both with Team and without! If you’re on the fence about whether you should go it alone, hire a team or even asking yourself who…


Where to Find Clients Now: How to Build Your Sustainable Path to Growth

Whether you’re searching to find clients on LinkedIn, Facebook or some other digital network or to find clients at professional networking groups, the whole task of “business development” for entrepreneurs can be a challenging one. Perhaps you’ve found yourself hustling, whether behind the screen of your computer or all-around town. This word, hustle, is one…

Attract Your Leads When You Naturally Standout

How to Naturally Attract Leads

Let’s face it, you’ve tried the bells, the whistles and even the fireworks; but maybe you’re still struggling with attracting qualified leads to your business. You’re networking, live streaming and posting across various social channels, even ‘boosting’ when you can. But for all that time, money, and energy you’re putting in, are you seeing the…