Many clients come to Inflection Point Communications (IPC) feeling challenged by the time and money it takes to make their marketing work so their business can grow. They’re the givers, and they’ll give so much more than they’ll ever ask to receive in return.

Yet, that can make for a very slippery slope unless you know how to manage your Marketing Flow™ so it works for you and not against you.

Because their business flows so naturally out of them, they must figure out how their branding and marketing can do the same. How to make it feel aligned, intentional & purposeful; instead of confusing, challenging and/or unnatural.

If you’ve found yourself here, it’s time to…

Move Past the Common Pitfalls of Marketing!

All Inside

Do you ever get hung up inside your head about your business? It’s easy for this to happen to any entrepreneur; yet when it does, it’s like you’re caught up in front of a mirror.

Imagine that you and your business are always just looking in the mirror:

“How am I doing?”

“How do I look?”

“Do I like the way that message sounds?”

All you can see is your own reflection; and from here, you can’t possibly succeed. You’re not fully seeing your clients, let alone bringing the confidence, curiosity and intention you need to empower you in offering them the greatest possible value.

All Outside

On the flip side, maybe you’re always looking straight through the glass of your ‘storefront’ and changing your offerings based upon what momentary whims emerge with each passerby. You’re so busy trying to deliver ‘the thing’ for them that you risk losing yourself in it.

You can do that — forever chase that — but would you be happy? Is that WHY you felt called to open your business in the first place?

Success isn’t limited to income, it’s how you feel earning it, too.

Open yourself to seeing a different way…

The Joy of Marketing that Looks Like You and Your Clients!

Balancing the INs and OUTs

Now, let’s imagine it’s a sunny day; and you’re standing inside your ‘storefront,’ looking out. You can see through the glass; but you can also see yourself reflected in it. You’re able to hold clarity around yourself, your story, your message/value (i.e., your Authentic Brand) and still clearly see your clients and identify who they are, where they are and what they need most.

When you know, you grow.

This is what we call Brand Reflection™! When you value connection, staying true to who you are and to your voice being heard, your priority is freed to be there for others; but not at the expense of self.

Four Gray Points

Working with IPC is a process of learning to prioritize yourself and others. It’s about learning the ins and outs of marketing where the in (you/your team) and the out (your clients/customers) are equally valued, seen and heard.

When you’re practicing Brand Reflection, you’re always delivering and keeping your business relevant by responding to what the market needs. You’re also always listening and responding from where you are most aligned with those needs. Where and how that fits with you and your brand.

You develop authentic, reciprocal interactions with your customers and clients. Through curiosity, intention and informed planning, you foster interconnection between your business and your clients for more positive, mutually beneficial relationships.

Through learning to make the most out of the reflection, you stop launching fireworks and instead build a fire providing the light and warmth that attracts the Right Someones™. The kinds of clients who’ll benefit and value the most from who/what you offer; and therefore, stick around.

Four Gray Points

The IPC approach empowers you to most effectively market to your best prospects through the Authentic Brand Connection™. Helping you to build strong connections with your customers and clients that advance your business.

We believe you’re not meant to be for everyone. Rather, branding, marketing and communications are meant to connect you with your Right Someones™.

That’s what we do. We help you be you when you market your business. We help you to build your revenue and reputation around the unique value YOU have to offer. Because being an Authentic Brand is what makes the best marketing work, authentically.

Learn more about how IPC can help you and your business here.