Values don’t matter if they just live on a page.


Our belief in impact stems from our values. We seek to make an impact with the values we share and the people with whom we choose to work.

Our values are built into everything we do and what our clients experience in their journey with us:

We believe that curiosity is likely what led you on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. And curiosity is also one of the ways you can imagine what’s possible still. Through our programs and work, we show you how to get curious again to uncover your Authentic Brand and most effectively connect with your Right Someones™.

We believe value is at the heart of marketing and company-client relationships. We understand that the company-client relationship is one of equals. We honor the value you bring to our company and trust that you will honor the unique value we have to offer you/your company as well. In understanding this equality, we seek to build community and support for one another.

We believe that solid, sustainable growth takes time and intention. It’s not about starting with the action everyone else is doing or tells you, you should be doing; but rather, with the clarity of your own intentions and your WHY. When you can market your business from this place, that’s how you can “Do It On Purpose.” Driven to create the possibility for your businesses’ impact! Learning, adapting, strategizing and understanding what will best serve you and your clients as you journey ahead together.

Connection is an essential need of every individual.

And when you market your business, you must know that as much as you seek to build a connection with your customer; they, too, want to have a connection with your brand (beyond the product or service). This shared desire for connection is where true InterConnection™ can be found. A culture in which both company and customer understand the mutual value and benefit they bring to one another, as well as the reciprocity of the relationship, by its very nature. And in understanding this, they equally honor it.

Four Gray Points

This is what we practice at IPC and an intentional outcome of our work together.

But don’t just take our word for it! See what Our Clients have to say about their IPC experience!