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One of our favorite ways to spread the warmth and light of our fire is when our founder, Katherine Morales, APR, gets to serve as a speaker, connect with her audience and share the experience and power of authentic branding and marketing with purpose! Whether speaking to an audience of future communications leaders at a university; guiding members of professional organizations to a new perspective on their marketing, PR and/or brand identity; or digging deep with entrepreneurs in an interactive presentation, Katherine revels in every opportunity to spread the word about authenticity, value & purposeful growth.

Just a few of the places Katherine has been honored to speak include:

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Everyone wants to stand out with their marketing; but why is it then, that the multitude of activities you’re engaging in aren’t easily attracting your best clients & customers? You’re putting in the time, money and energy; so, isn’t it time you stand out in a bigger way, make a bigger impact and see the ROI? In this interactive discussion, Authentic Brand Strategist™ Katherine Morales, APR, shows you how to effectively market your business, stop waiting for your success and start making it!

You’ll learn how-to:

  • Discover the power of your own authenticity,
  • Choose the right marketing channels to grow your business,
  • End the marketing hustle & pressure to find your drive and flow,
  • And finally, see how to effectively market & take your brand to the next level!

Trying to stand out with your marketing can be even more challenging these days as we’re all living/engaging more online! While it’s always been about cutting through the noise, now there are even more distractions for your clients/customers. In this interactive discussion, Authentic Brand Strategist™ Katherine Morales, APR, helps you to create standout marketing. She’ll share how you can claim your unique value and effectively convey it to attract more qualified leads for your business.

You’ll discover how-to:

  • Feel empowered when you market your business,
  • Gain presence & attention among your prospects,
  • And build resonance with your audiences to inspire action NOW!

Purpose; it’s a powerful word that stretches much deeper in your business and the work you (and your team) do each day. It’s something that drives you forward; so why shouldn’t it also drive you upward? In this interactive workshop, Authentic Brand Strategist™ Katherine Morales, APR, shows you how purpose may be all your marketing really needs!

You’ll discover how-to:

  • Simplify your marketing & make it easier,
  • Carve out your own path to growth,
  • And tap into the impact your business can truly make!

Does your brand match where you know it can be? Are you presenting your best self when you show up to share your business with others? Brands evolve just as people do. And who you know and believe your business is and can be, is fully what should be presented to the world (or at least your target market). Yet too often, you let the visual of your brand go (e.g., logo and imagery) and the verbal changes (e.g., messaging) as quickly as a new wind blows. In this interactive presentation, Authentic Brand Strategist™ Katherine Morales, APR, shares how you can reignite your brand and turn your base of customers into loyal fans!

You’ll see how-to:

  • Be seen for your full & greatest value as a business,
  • Elevate your brand for greater positioning & impact,
  • Attract (and keep) your best customers,
  • And finally, turn your brand’s being into its becoming!
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