Purpose doesn’t matter if it just lives in your heart.

Our Purpose is to build business for the good of one another, society and our planet. And we believe entrepreneurs will change our world for the better!

In our work, we practice Authentic Marketing and understand it’s our shared values & interconnection that allow for each of us – businesses and people – to feel fulfilled in the work we do together because we know it’s genuine and purposeful!

How YOU Give

We seek to foster a community of entrepreneurs who are inspired to give their time, money and/or energy to the causes they support, knowing the collective impact they can make throughout the year, as well as through our Annual Giving Campaign each National Giving Day.

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How WE Give

We choose to support nonprofits because we believe in philanthropy and we know we can make an impact! That’s why each quarter we select an entrepreneur-founded/run nonprofit to contribute to.

Here are a few of the organizations we’ve supported in the past:

Do you know of an established, entrepreneurial-founded nonprofit we should support?

Or perhaps you run your own nonprofit?

Four Gray Points

Click below to fill-out our Donation Request Application for consideration each quarter.*

*Note: Selection of the nonprofit is at the sole discretion of our Founder, Katherine Morales, APR. Furthermore, as a business, we do not donate to any political or religious organizations. All donations are provided by Inflection Point Communications, LLC.