Marketing doesn’t have to be a struggle.

In fact, when you begin with your purpose, marketing quickly becomes less complicated and more clear – for both you and your customers.

If marketing feels like a rollercoaster of forever chasing clients and/or twisting yourself into whatever the apparent flash of the moment is; then you’re likely straining yourself and serving no one…at least not in the way you know you truly can.

At Inflection Point Communications (IPC), we serve entrepreneurs and companies eager to leave that behind and ready to step fully into owning their Authentic Brand & Purpose, simplifying their marketing and growing their business!

As a consumer

Are you a ‘customer for life’ at businesses that…

Treat their products and their customers as commodities to be acquired and discarded?


Are unique, caring, stand behind the value of what they offer and seek to genuinely serve you?

The core of marketing is value.

But it’s not just the monetary kind of value. It’s the kind that builds relationships and reputation, too. It’s the kind that builds a true connection with your clients.

You see, the most effective marketing is not about doing more; rather, it’s about BEing more. It’s not that you have to learn to do a bunch of different things you’ve never done before. Being an Authentic Brand and practicing Authentic Marketing is about being more YOU and leveraging that in the right direction.

Let’s come at it this way

Fireworks. They’re exciting, right? Often beautiful. But the spectacle only lasts a few moments…then it’s over. Nobody sticks around after the ‘show.’ There’s no warmth, light or any other lasting value. For too many businesses, marketing is like this, forever running around lighting fuse after fuse and hoping to catch someone’s eye with your sparkling ‘show.’


Now on the other hand, a campfire is a fire we at IPC can get behind! Warmth, light, comfort and connection. People see it, seek it out and want to sit by it for a while; maybe they even pitch a tent and stay (i.e., ‘customer for life’).

That’s what the Authentic Brand Connection™ is all about. Dialing into and feeding the fire that you and your business are, the HOW and WHY that drove you to do WHAT you do in the first place. And in so doing, you leave behind the fireworks to become the fire your clients want to settle in around. A place they want to return to again and again for warmth and connection – for the VALUE you ARE and the VALUES you SHARE.


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