There are some extraordinary common threads that emerge from our experience of the lived values of our clients. Here are just a few:

They are driven, heart-centered people.

They feel a deep connection to WHAT they do and want to reach more people so they can have an impact on the lives and/or livelihood of others. Because what they do isn’t just a hobby. It isn’t just a job. It’s what they’re meant to do. It’s in their hearts and there truly is nothing else they can do.

They give without a promise of the get.

They deeply value their family and community. They see themselves as a part of a greater whole. They give back without much thought to labeling themselves as “a donor.” They give their time, money and energy to the people, places and causes they care about. They don’t just live for today; they want to plant the seeds that may sprout & grow tomorrow. They’ve been on a journey to where they are and that’s likely WHY they feel their business more deeply as a calling or purpose.

They stay true to who they are & know they have a valuable voice to share.

Their priority is others, but not at the expense of self. They are committed to discovering the depths of their possibility and potential while also prioritizing others. Because they know their ability to do both is the greatest gain for all.

These values, of those gathered around our fire, are reflective of our own.

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