The experience of working with IPC is one of pulling your values from the page and your purpose from your heart to make it the lived experience of your brand and your marketing.

We believe it’s not just about defining your avatars or even just your ideal clients. No; marketing is meant to connect you with your Right Someones™. You know, the ones who will see, appreciate, and be ready and willing to receive the unique value you have to offer.

Meet the Right Someones we’re honored to serve and hear what they have to say about working with IPC:

April Brown

Katherine helped me to gain the verbiage I needed to get focused, establish my goals and set tactical steps in place to reach them.

Jody Klein

Working with Katherine was a pleasure because she loves what she is doing, and her energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

Dr. Tomeka Day

Katherine is intelligent, compassionate and offers her experience and strategies in a gentle, yet highly effective way.

Danielle Ramos

After working with Katherine on my Authentic Brand, story & strategic messaging, I immediately saw a difference in my ability to market myself!

Jarrett Smith

With guidance from IPC, I identified what makes us different; and from there, building our brand now feels more natural.

Allison Raymunt

I noticed a difference in more clients aligning with my brand and just 30 days after our Spark session, my revenue increased 30 percent!

Brian Perry

Katherine is equal parts, architect and artist. She's precise and logical, but also open, passionate and creative. I grew as an entrepreneur and person in the Program!

Hayden Orme

Katherine is a gem & more of the world needs to know about and work with her!

Lynne Siders

Katherine’s structured process and keen intuition helped me see that I can create my own unique way in marketing my business that feels natural and authentic to me!

Dee DiFatta

I'm more confident in my abilities to attract the right people to my business. Since the Program, I have clients actively engaged and signing up for my new offerings.

Like what you hear? Connect With Us so we can learn more about how we may serve YOU! Or to learn more about what makes someone our Right Someones.