There’s a difference between the path you make and the one you just take. We believe in your purpose and your ability to carve out your path to successful growth and impact.

That path emerges as we guide you away from “shoulds” and into your strengths and interests; building an Authentic Marketing Plan. No more jumping through hoops and doing things that you don’t feel comfortable with!

Don’t Get Stuck…

In ‘band-aid’ marketing, comparing your business to others and/or constantly chasing the marketing action you see others doing. (Psst… you’re not them!) 

In a one-size-fits-all marketing program or cookie cutter approach to marketing.


These other marketing plans are missing one crucial component…YOU at your depths. Not the superficial or surface of you; but the real YOU – your authenticity, intention, values & your purpose.

Dive in.

At Inflection Point Communications, we dive into these depths because we know they’re your greatest strength and differentiator. And in doing so, we help you to find your Marketing Flow™ so you can feel natural, energized and focused when you market your business. Because only when you connect with your Marketing Flow can you begin to make your path to growth.

And the way we do all that is through our services…




Four Gray Points

We also encourage you to check out Our Insights for articles and tips along your journey, as well as invite you to sit by our fire at our complimentary events designed for entrepreneurs like YOU!