We provide guidance to help you to stand out, attract your best prospects to your fire (err, business) and find your rhythm to simplify and better manage your marketing so that you can expand and grow your brand to the next level! We offer these services through our programs including:

Envision what’s possible for your business and discover your Authentic Brand in our VIP Spark Package including a half-day session with Authentic Brand Strategist Katherine Morales, APR.

Develop your story and the verbal messaging to connect with your Right Someones in our Authentic Brand Flame Program. You can participate by Group (8 weeks) or through our private, one-on-one Guided (3-month) option. Furthermore, in this Program, you’ll learn how to Focus on the right channels and how to effectively stand out when you market your business.

Managing your marketing is half the battle; it’s an essential part of fueling your growth. That’s why our Authentic Brand Connection™ Fuel & Shine Program is designed to help you release the overwhelm of marketing by starting with your Intentions and finding your Rhythm and Marketing Flow™. You’ll see how to attract your qualified leads to your fire and, from there, we’ll devise and implement an Authentic Marketing Plan – built for YOU and your strengths – that will Expand your brand and take it to the next level! This Program is offered one-on-one and takes place over the course of 10 months.

Four Gray Points


In our private Authentic Brand Connection F.I.R.E. Program, we’ll combine the power of the Flame, Fuel & Shine Programs over a full year (12 months) leveraging: Focus, Intention & Rhythm to Expand your base, brand and business!

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