3 Qs of Intentional Marketing

You’ve probably heard of the Four Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Placement & Promotion. And, while these are still relevant and beneficial to marketers and business owners alike today, there are three other Qs (no, not questions 😉) to be considered and factored in as well.


Yeah, I know, right out of the gate and this doesn’t even start with the letter Q; but it sure does sound like it! Nonetheless, it’s paramount in business today to be cued into and conscious of your and your prospects’ needs and wants. YOU need them to understand how you do what you do better and/or differently than your competitors. And, most importantly, you want them to know why you do it.

THEY may have a need or want; but a need and want are not the same and understanding which one it is and whether they’re passively or actively shopping for you is essential to your marketing strategy and approach.


Quality of your product or service is obviously a necessity to effective marketing and business growth. But, when you feel, or just know, your quality is better and/or quite different than your competitors, why is it that others (especially your prospects) don’t see it? Often, we talk too much about what we’re selling; but it’s the benefits and values your clients care about more than all the features. What difference will your product or service make in their life? While many focus on the “outside,” delivering just what their clients need, it’s equally important to begin “inside” with what your purpose and passion is behind your business in order to find your greatest resonance and best clients.


And, that’s what brings us to the last Q, qualify. Your best clients are the ones you can resonate with and who will most appreciate the unique value you have to offer. And, that’s not everyone…and, that’s okay! If you picture your business as a camp site, think about who you want sitting around your fire. It’s that simple. The people you want sitting there and the people who want to be there to hear your stories are the right someones. And, growing a sustainable business is about figuring out how to effectively market to your right someones and how to retain them in your community.

Today’s consumers want to know they’re valued and appreciated by your business just as much as you want to know they value and appreciate you. Building an authentic brand connection allows you to naturally standout and to more simplistically market your business as you grow your brand and base at equal pace.