Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs Episode 22: “Take Care of YOU” with Cindy Tysinger

In this episode of “Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs” I spoke with Cindy Tysinger, CEO & Chief Culture Officer of Regenrus & founder & Chief Care Officer of RegenrusCARES™ Global Charity. Cindy shared her journey in entrepreneurship, philanthropy and more, as she’s deepened her understanding of just how crucial it is for us to “listen to our bodies.”



Katherine Morales: Hey everyone, thanks so much for being here for Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs. I’m Katherine Morales, your host, and I’m so excited to be here today with Cindy Love Tysinger. Cindy is the CEO and Chief Culture Officer for Regenrus, as well as the Founder and Chief Caring Officer for RegenrusCARES. There we go. Okay, it’s a lot, but it’s beautiful, and I’m so excited to have you here Cindy, we go way back to pre-pandemic days. But go ahead and say hi to everyone.

Cindy Tysinger: Hello, I’m so excited to be on this call, and thank you, Katherine, for inviting me to share my story.

Katherine Morales: Of course. Yeah, it was a matter of time before it happened, but I’m so thrilled that we made it happen, Cindy. And before we kick it off I just want to say this is our 22nd episode of the show, but every time I have to remind our listeners and viewers, what is an authentic conversation? What are we here to do? So obviously it’s an authentic conversation with an entrepreneur, today we’re here with Cindy as our entrepreneur. But the way I define an authentic conversation is really being able to talk about the Good & Growing. So much of what’s out there is just the good, right? Here’s the success we have. But we know it’s a journey in entrepreneurship, and this show is all about really highlighting from the growing to the good.

So thank you for being willing to share that vulnerable, authentic story, Cindy, and without further ado I’ll kick us off with the topic today, which is take care of you. So what does that mean to you, Cindy, and especially as it relates to your journey in entrepreneurship?

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you so much, Katherine. Yes, this has been a long road of a journey for me of not taking care of myself and the ramifications of what occurred as a result of just being a workaholic, go, go, go. We as women, we’re moms, we’re daughters, so we’re sandwich generations, and then we have grandchildren, so we’re really working with three generations besides our own generation. So as women we want to take care of people, so we always put ourselves last, and I was very guilty of that for a very long time. Decades.

Katherine Morales: Yeah, amen. I haven’t heard that sandwich generation, what do you mean by that?

Cindy Tysinger: Well, what it is is we’re sandwiched in, we’ve got our parents, and then we have our generation, and now with my age I have sons, and then I have grandchildren. So each one of, we’re sandwiched in between all these generations, and each generation has different needs of our time. Of not just our time, but our emotion, who we are, and how we want to show up. So how you want to show up to your little grandchildren, I have two that are five and three, it’s playful, and getting back into my inner child work, or just wanting to just stop and smell the roses and see things through their eyes with them.

But then I need to deal with my aging mother who’s almost 90, and that’s a whole different compassionate, empathetic, listening to the same thing over and over again because of a little bit of memory issues, and then your own sons, your own children. So we really are sandwiched in between, showing up differently depending upon that role that we’re in.

Katherine Morales: That’s so well said, Cindy. So in the middle of that sandwich is you.

Cindy Tysinger: Mm-hmm.

Katherine Morales: So tell us a little bit about your journey to Regenrus and how this, you said really it was not taking care of yourself, so how has that related to the business and/or what you’re choosing to do each day now?

Cindy Tysinger: Oh, thank you. So leading up to Regenrus starting, I’ve shared before, is I was 40 years in technology. And those of you that know, in tech, tech is a very high stress 24/7/365, chief technology officer, and I worked for the Department of Defense for 25 years. So you were always on edge because you always had to be available because if tech went down, then obviously there was ramifications of whether it was a business, or a personal, or anything. So I never didn’t have two beepers in the old days, plus my phone, when phones came out, I had that old bag phone in the early ’80s, that was kind of funny. But you’re never disconnected. And of course now I fast-forward to the world we’re in now with all the iPhones and the social media, now we’re not-

Katherine Morales: Even more so.

Cindy Tysinger: … disconnected ever. But we were able to disconnect, you had to actually stop and put a quarter in there to make a call right at the payphone.

Katherine Morales: Right, those days.

Cindy Tysinger: Yeah, so those days. So I just went and went at this pace that was just, everybody kept saying, “You’re a superwoman, we don’t know how you have all this energy.” Well, all of this that I had done for years, between my career and my family, and on top of that I had very significant health issues. So I was not listening to my body and I was not taking care of myself, and over through that journey I learned, when I turned 60 and started Regenrus, I was looking for ways to be less worrying, be less stressed, be more present with my family and my mother, because I would have little patience.

So this last, when I started Regenrus in 2017, I was pushed into it of, you need to take care of yourself and you need to do it now. So that was the start of Regenrus. And when I learned I was going to be, I call it Nona, grandma for the first time, my grandson was born in 2018, my first one, I wanted to be present for him. I didn’t want to show up in his life frazzled and stressed and not having time, so I needed to make a big shift in 2017, and that’s what I did in founding Regenrus.

Katherine Morales: Beautiful. And so how did Regenrus help you to take care of yourself?

Cindy Tysinger: So first, I’ve always been on supplements, so I’ve continued to take supplements, and I worked really hard to get off all the medications in an integrative approach. There’s a place for medications, always, but then there’s so many things that have side effects that if you can do things proactively and preventatively, then your body knows how to heal itself. So the supplements are only a nutrient that’s lacking in the body, so when the body is receiving that nutrient at the cellular level, the organs, the systems, the tissues, it knows how to repair and restore. So I really focused on getting to understand more about the basis of proactive preventive medicine and working even more, I’ve worked as homeopathic, holistic, and integrative medicine for a very long time, but I really made that conscious shift in 2017.

Katherine Morales: Wonderful. And so tell us a little bit about the journey with Regenrus, what you’re offering and how it’s unfolded in this journey of taking care of you as well as your customers, I guess, right?

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you. So when I first started with 2017, I started with what you were putting in your body, because my previous position before I started a tech company at 50, and then Regenrus at 60, so you can say I’m a serial entrepreneur.

Katherine Morales: Yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: The last corporate position, the private position, I helped it start up, grow to 400 million, and open in 26 countries with a very unique supplement, an aloe. So that had so significantly changed my life that I really jumped in, working there 13 years, to truly help people in their health and wellness journey. So then when I left that, started a tech company, I was not really in the wellness industry, even though I was helping people still based upon my knowledge and experience. So when I started the wellness company in 2017, I started with products first. Because I was like, it’s really important what we’re putting in our body. Because we know food has shifted so much from when I was growing up in the ’50s, the quality of vitamin C in an orange is so different. I’ve heard it’s one orange, the amount of vitamin C takes 30 these days because of just soil depletion, manipulation of how things are grown, they’re trying to make things faster, spraying chemicals on things. There’s so much going on.

Katherine Morales: I didn’t even realize that, I thought it was mostly packaged food, but now you’re talking about the farms, wow.

Cindy Tysinger:  Yes, you have to really want… That’s where the organic that people talk about, it’s so critical to know that what we’re putting in our body, how did it come from this state to where we insert into the mouth? Following that seed to actually ingestion of it. So I really focused hard on understanding that pipeline and wanted to make sure that I put as clean as possible in my body. I won’t say I’m perfect, because I do love ice cream.

Katherine Morales: It’s tough to be these days, yeah.

Cindy Tysinger:  I try to do homemade ice cream, or good quality ice cream, but there’s a balance.

Katherine Morales: Yeah, yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: So I started with Regenrus with what we’re putting in our body, and just so much benefits I was seeing for our clients and coming through their journey and helping them shift their mindset. Then my daughter-in-law, interestingly enough, is a celebrity makeup artist, and she was like, “Mom, wellness is really important and all that, but for our age,” which was late 20s, early 30s, was like, “it’s all about the skin.” So the skin is the largest organ, and so then I shifted really a lot of work into what are we putting on our bodies? And we all know cosmetics and fashion are the most toxic different types of products, and so forth like that.

I studied with a very amazing manufacturer and holistic practitioners of what we needed to put on our bodies, so we developed a certified non-toxic skincare line that’s vegan so that people can trust what they’re putting on their body or in their body. Because obviously, like my grandchildren, they take my products as well, when I put on, after their bath, our creams, I want to make sure it’s as clean as possible. So that was kind of the journey to that point. And then lo and behold, right after I finished that line, we know what happened with the pandemic, we all want to forget that couple of years, we’re still a little bit-

Katherine Morales: Even still a little bit, yeah, right.

Cindy Tysinger: Right. But I think God and the universe-

Katherine Morales: It’s just with us in the background, right.

Cindy Tysinger: Yes. Where it benefited me was it gave me the vision to create our wellness center. And so that was where we brought the three together, what you put in your body, what you put on your body, and what you put in your mind. And if a mind-body connection is not flowing energetically, holistically. There’s the biggest issue with diseases is dehydration, and people are maybe not drinking water, or they may be drinking water and not the right type of water, or inflammation. So there’s all these things that are causing the disease, and especially when I researched and learned about sleep products and rest, your body needs to go through the five or six circadian rhythms every evening, and most people are, they’ve got blue screens going at night, their phones are right by their bed, they’re not able to get into that quality of deep sleep.

And what was discovered through that, Katherine, was when you get into that deepest state of sleep, which you do at five or six times during those cycles, that’s when your body’s repairing and restoring. And if you’re familiar with your lymphatic system, it’s designed around to sweat out any toxins or anything that doesn’t serve your body. Well, your brain doesn’t have a lymphatic, but they did discover it has a glymphatic, just putting a G in front of it, and when you’re only in that deepest sleep-

Katherine Morales: Wait, glymphatic?

Cindy Tysinger: Glymphatic system.

Katherine Morales: Okay, now I know, go on.

Cindy Tysinger: Now you know, you’ll not forget this visual after.

Katherine Morales: I will not.

Cindy Tysinger: In that deepest state of sleep your spinal fluid and all that goes into the brain and flushes it out so that you can release it into your glymphatic system.

Katherine Morales: Interesting.

Cindy Tysinger: So with that in mind, you have to think of just all the diseases that are on the rise now that are around the nervous system, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, all of these are around the brain is not detoxifying. So it’s critical, sleep is critical. Another lesson learned from my, I thought four to six hours growing up my whole life until 50s and almost 60 was plenty enough sleep. I learned nope.

Katherine Morales: How many are you getting now?

Cindy Tysinger: I get always never less eight.

Katherine Morales: Wow, yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: I make sure.

Katherine Morales: First of all I’m just going to say thank you for educating us, and it’s interesting because I love also how, I mean there’s the topic of the show and then there’s the value add, right? So there’s the message of taking care of yourself, but also this beautiful unfolding in your journey of entrepreneurship where, one of my favorite words, you stayed curious, and always open to how it could unfold and expand. And I think it’s just, yeah, it’s absolutely beautiful how you went from the in to the on, to the in the mind, and the whole connection. Can you tell us a little bit, because I did mention at the top, when did RegenrusCARES come in and how is that connected to the in and the on, the face and the skin, but how is that connected to the rest?

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you. Well, when I received, I feel, the divine download of starting Regenrus, Regenrus is about being regenerative, so leaving everything better than it was, because sustainable is really important, but you don’t want to sustain something that’s not good, you want to always improve it. So I really am really, really personally attached to regenerative, so that’s the regen part of it. And then everything we do has to be generous, hence RegenrusCARES. So from the very first product when I source, we source a very unique aloe that changed my life that I was talking about earlier. And so when I do that, it feeds malnourished orphans around the world. And so that’s on the sourcing, and I have other sourcing ingredients that have a give back associated.

On the other side we have, since the very first product sold, we have donated a percentage of all our sales. 4% goes to all our sales top line. So we take all the expenses out and go, oh, we do X percent of the bottom line, we actually take 4% of the top line, and we’ve been giving to 50, 5-0, nonprofits over the years. And then in 2021 when we were still going through the pandemic I got the idea of how can I make even a greater difference for the need of nonprofits? And so I said if I establish Regenrus as a 501(c)(3), then we would be able to have corporate donors, individual donors, and raise more money to help these amazing nonprofits do the great work they’re trying to do

Katherine Morales: Like alone I can do so much, but together, yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: Right. So we did establish RegenrusCARES as an official nonprofit in 2021, and then established the 501(c)(3) status with the IRS in January of 2022. And I’m excited to share, Katherine, that we’re actually in the middle of doing all this great work, we’re going to Rwanda in the end of November through early December serving Hope for Children ministries, because we all know what happened with the genocide with Rwanda. We’ve got children raising children, more than 50% of the population is under 15. Just pause there and think of that. And so they’re raising children with no mothers, no fathers, no grandparents, no nothing, because they’re gone.

Katherine Morales:  Yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: So the nonprofit that we’re working, we’re bringing the very unique aloe that I was talking about to help the malnourishment problems. But we’re actually going over and working in all types of things with them, like gardening, we’re going to paint some murals to start so that they can continue painting. They have now opened a school for 250 children, because Rwanda doesn’t require you to go to school, and these children can’t have hope to get out of this if they don’t go to school.

Katherine Morales: Right.

Cindy Tysinger: So we’re going over to work in the school, and work with cooking, and all types of wellness, things that we know. We’re going to learn from them as well, because we know that we’re going to get more from them, to receive from them, their culture and how beautiful they are, to help us as better humans.

Katherine Morales: Yeah, yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: So we’re real excited that we’re going through Rwanda.

Katherine Morales: It’s absolutely beautiful, and I feel like there’s another piece of this interview that’s like, if you’re not listening to this or seeing this and saying like, oh my God, I’m so glad I tuned in to know Cindy. All the heart.

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you.

Katherine Morales:  I just feel there’s… I’ve met so many entrepreneurs, and my tagline is do it on purpose, and I feel like a lot of times entrepreneurs think, oh, okay, I can’t do that, maybe if they’re resource strapped, or what have you. But I feel like first of all, it hasn’t been an always up trajectory, I know COVID, you have to pivot, all kinds of things, but you’ve never stopped giving.

Cindy Tysinger: Correct.

Katherine Morales: And I think that’s beautiful, that’s a message that there’s always something you can give, and I hope that entrepreneurs tuning in are hearing a couple things, like one, yes, take care of you, but two, one of the ways, and I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but you tell me, but I feel like one of the ways that you can take care of you is giving to others because it feeds something. I mean, again, I’m not putting words in your mouth, but can you speak to that? Is that something that you’ve felt through this giving and growth that you’ve experienced?

Cindy Tysinger: Yes, it really was, because we all struggled in businesses during the pandemic, and even though we saw dips as high as 50%, average probably 30, it was critical we never gave up, in fact, we gave more, where I was doing 4% for a little bit, even during the pandemic we’re up at 7%, because the need was so great. But we couldn’t not give, we already had these relationships, and they lost a lot of donors. And so we were like, we just know that as a human, we’re all one human race, and we have to do every aspect we can to help those in need. And I just always believe on whatever you focus on comes back, so giving is something definitely emotionally and physically your body feels. So you give without expecting anything. However, what I have found in my years, that through that, just so many beautiful opportunities, and the people that have been on my products or supported my business have been with me since 2017, and it’s because we are on purpose, because we did become a certified B Corp, because we have our nonprofit, they know that we’re-

Katherine Morales: Which is no small feat, so congrats on that.

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you so much.

Katherine Morales: Shout out to all the B Corps.

Cindy Tysinger: I know, I’m actually on the B local Texas board now as the membership chair for the North Texas side, trying to get more businesses that are purpose-driven or looking to, instead of shareholders it’s stakeholders, and they’re really looking at giving back and thinking of all the important aspects of helping humanity through this time. And our environment.

Katherine Morales:Yeah. That’s funny, I just feel like, what an honor to interview you, truly. I just love what you’ve built, and I just love that we sat on those couches in Atlanta years ago, met each other, and that I’ve been able to be with you on part of this journey. And we’ve been in touch since 2018, so.

Cindy Tysinger: We have, I was going to acknowledge that, Katherine. You have been, through your program, through establishing our brand pillars, and all the things for our authentic voice and telling our story, it was profound in our success to this point. So we still use it.

Katherine Morales: Thank you.

Cindy Tysinger: We’ve obviously renewed them with you and revisited them with you to keep them current, and you helped us even this year through some pretty great media that happened for us, and thank you so much, because that’s not our expertise. It’s always hard to brag on yourself, it doesn’t feel comfortable. I’m happy to brag on someone else, but.

Katherine Morales: What a story you have, though. And I certainly didn’t mean to set that, but I do… I’m blushing for you saying that.

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you.

Katherine Morales: Thank you.

Cindy Tysinger: We’re grateful.

Katherine Morales: And I want to go back real quick to, because I feel like it deserves to be repeated, that you never gave up, you gave more. I just think quote of the interview, so much richness. But it’s just absolutely beautiful because I feel like I’ve read some posts this year, I’ve read people just, we always have things happening in our lives, and I think that it doesn’t take a pandemic to feel like giving up. So whatever’s happening in your business and in your life as it relates to that, don’t give up, give more, yeah, yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you.

Katherine Morales: And I think this is how we connected too, because core to my pillars and my friends, and I actually updated mine in the pandemic, and I put words to it while I felt it before, which was give and grow. So in the pandemic-

Cindy Tysinger: I love that.

Katherine Morales: Yeah, that’s when, same philosophy, Cindy, same mindset of, and put dollars to it, time to it, but the bottom line was a little dip, right? The pandemic came and everybody’s like, ah. But that was one of the first times I really began giving as a company to causes, and I did see, I mean, it wasn’t a direct correlation, but it’s an energy and it’s a mindset.

Cindy Tysinger: Exactly, yes.

Katherine Morales: Thank you for sharing that message. Well-

Cindy Tysinger: And thank you for what you’re doing, giving, I’m so grateful.

Katherine Morales: Of course.

Cindy Tysinger: The more people like you and us, that’s what’s going to bring this world to a better place, it starts within, it starts with us.

Katherine Morales: Well, I’m honored that you put us in the category with you. But yeah, I definitely feel that with you, the more people who can have that energy, the mindset, and balancing that with the self-care, the holistic energy of self, right? Mind, body, spirit, I mean, what a world we will make, right?

Cindy Tysinger:  It’s so true, yes. We have to make sure that we stay in that positive, it is all about that attitude, and all of us know whatever we focus on manifests.

Katherine Morales: Yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: So let’s make sure that self-talk is, and I know that was a little bit about the subject, is listen to the body talk, is so critical because negative self-talk amplifies and it amplifies in so many different ways within the body and the mind.

Katherine Morales: 100%.

Cindy Tysinger: So yes, we need to schedule our self in for self-care and self-love. Self-love is more intuit, going within and knowing more from a compassionate and empathetic and that way for yourself and others, but self-care is taking action. And we talk about RegenrusCARES is true care, and true care is care in action. You can say a lot of things.

Katherine Morales: Yes, it is action oriented.

Cindy Tysinger:   But if you don’t actually go do it and have any action with it, it’s just words, so it can’t truly make the difference and change.

Katherine Morales: Yeah, it’s interesting too that you say the self-talk as being part of self-love, because what I have found as I deepen more and more into authenticity and entrepreneurial journeys, both personally and with clients and people I’ve interviewed, is you talk about the mind-body connection, and we do lack it if we’re not consciously building that and strengthening that connection. But what’s interesting that I want to highlight that you just hit on is that your mind is talking to your body, always.

Cindy Tysinger: All the time.

Katherine Morales: There is a connection. So whether you realize it’s just the difference of being conscious to it or not conscious to it, because that negative self-talk is feeding the wrong kind of things into your body, essentially.

Cindy Tysinger:  Exactly. And they’ve discovered that, I know if anyone watched the movie Frozen, about water carries memories. And they talk about what you say, it’s very, very true, they have discovered words and how whether you’re talking towards somebody in a negative way, or we even do more so internally towards ourselves, those words, you can’t say sticks and stones may break my bones but words won’t harm me, they do harm, especially when you’re suffering, those things store at the cellular level, and the water that’s being, the hydration, and so it’s just amazing that we need to shift how we talk to ourselves and how we talk about ourselves to others. We’re so critical and we are so competitive and comparative, and we just need to be able to love ourselves who we are and how we are at this present moment.

Katherine Morales: I have so many goosebumps in my head right now as you’re saying this, Cindy, and I feel like we’ll have to have a part two conversation just about that because yeah, I mean, this is part of my why, and I think the way we market business, the way we speak, everybody having a problem, it’s a certain energy, it feeds the wrong kind of cellular level, if you will. So that’s part of the work that I’m pretty passionate about on the words on the outside, but I also have curiosity.

Cindy Tysinger: On the inside.

Katherine Morales: Hence this show, right?

Cindy Tysinger: Yes.

Katherine Morales: Well, I know everyone’s so excited to connect with you, I’m going to tell them where they can go to do that, and then I know you have something special to offer our viewers and listeners.

Cindy Tysinger:  Yes.

Katherine Morales: So here’s, if you haven’t figured it out yet googling it, is the main site, and can they find RegenrusCARES from there?

Cindy Tysinger: Yes, you can, or if they just do, that’s as easy it is.

Katherine Morales: Okay, org for RegenrusCARES.

Cindy Tysinger: Org, but it’s, mm-hmm.

Katherine Morales: Gotcha. And on social, you’re here on LinkedIn as Regenrus and RegenrusCARES, but also Instagram, Facebook, and X.

Cindy Tysinger: And Twitter.

Katherine Morales: Yeah. Is it X still?

Cindy Tysinger:  Yeah, it’s X now, that’s true. It’s getting hard to get that shift in my mind, my brain.

Katherine Morales: I know, yeah, right?

CCindy Tysinger: Yes.

Katherine Morales: And so, okay, for the person who is hearing this and going, okay, great, taking notes, oh my gosh, all these systems and things I have to be aware of, and maybe they’re already thinking about it, but they’re not feeling like they have the time or ability to prioritize self. First of all, what advice do you have for them? And I think you have a special offering from too, so.

Cindy Tysinger: Yes, thank you so much, Katherine. So through the journey of opening up the wellness center I’ve been doing a lot of self-healing and self-care work since 2017, because you have to walk the talk. So I started exploring all types of different healing modalities and energetic type of work. So I personally aligned with Reiki, which is a type of energy work. It is crossed into mainstream science, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, they’re using it on babies after they come out for neonatal.

Katherine Morales: I didn’t know that.

Cindy Tysinger:  Because the body is energy. And so there’s energy centers in the body, the chakras, there’s seven main, but there’s 72 total. I mean, they’re in the palms of your hand, everything, how your energy flows. You know when you walk into a room and you go, oh, this room doesn’t feel right, or, oh, this is really happening, and you’re just dancing, doing that. That’s people’s energy that’s coming off their bodies. So that’s when I talk about listen to your body talk.

So I actually became a Reiki practitioner. So after being on the receiving side of Reiki and healing through the things that I had gone through, I became a Reiki practitioner practitioner in energy work. So I’ve been, as part of my wellness center, and we actually even have Reiki classes here to teach people self-Reiki, which is our Reiki one, is important about self-care. So it’s really about working in your energy centers and that, so that you can handle things. Like maybe you don’t usually real quick to react to something negatively like, that doesn’t usually bother me, why is it bothering me? It’s something happening energetically in your body. So getting those back into balance is really critical for both your mind and your body, because any energy stuck is where something’s going to cause pain, frustration, emotion, it’s all about-

Katherine Morales: When the illness begins, yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: Yeah, around that is energy blocks. So the offer is that I have is-

Katherine Morales: Put it up here.

Cindy Tysinger:  Yes, thank you, as a Reiki practitioner. So we work a lot with energy, we also work with messages from Oracle readings, and things like that, to see, because it’s amazing, the body talks, I can do it on Zoom, and I’m able to tune in and see what the messages are that you need to be thinking about or working with based upon the energy that’s coming across. And so it’s been a journey for me to become a Reiki practitioner, and I want to help introduce others to what does this look like when I start to tune in instead of look outside for change or advice, or how do I heal myself? We got to go within, the answers are within.

Katherine Morales:  Yeah.

Cindy Tysinger: So the body really truly talks what it needs and doesn’t need, and intuitively I’m able to pick that up.

Katherine Morales:  beautiful.

Cindy Tysinger: So I do have 10 free complimentary readings.

Katherine Morales: This is such a gift, Cindy, such a gift. 10 free complimentary readings, what is it called? The Intuitive Oracle Pendulum Reading, right?

Cindy Tysinger: Right, yes, yes.

Katherine Morales: Okay, so what can they expect and how long is it?

Cindy Tysinger: Yeah, so I’m setting aside 30 minutes, it may run a little over because of just when you’re tuning into energy sometimes you can’t just say, okay, let’s shut it off, when the body starts talking. And so a plan for maybe reserve like an hour in case we go over so that we can have, we’ll be doing some breath work to teach you some really easy ways for you to do a mind shift based upon just taking, if you only have five minutes, what should you do to calm down? And then some really good self-care practices that I can teach you for morning and evening, or when those times when you’re stressed, and ways to look at things differently. So each one is different, I will tell you, once I do it, but I am just grateful that I am able to help so many people.

Katherine Morales: No, thanks to you. Yeah, so this is done over Zoom, correct?

Cindy Tysinger: Mm-hmm, correct.

Katherine Morales:  And yeah, seriously, what a gift, Cindy. I am blown away with you offering 10 of these free sessions, I am going to shout it from the mountaintops because I expect them all to be filled. So they don’t have to have it before Halloween but they need to book before the 31st, correct?

Cindy Tysinger: Yes, if they could book. And there’s time slots in there, and if the time slots don’t work and we need to shift, that’s fine, but we just need to get the bookings in there.

Katherine Morales: I feel like this is so important, if you’re the person who is not taking the time to take care of you, you’re going to give 30 minutes up to an hour to something else, why not give it to yourself? And I think that especially going, I mean, we’re in Q4, we’re in a busy season, holidays, family visits, the sandwich, we’re back in the sandwich, right?

Cindy Tysinger:  Yes, that can be a stressful time, holidays.

Katherine Morales: So please gift yourself this beautiful gift that Cindy’s giving, Thank you so much, Cindy, and yeah, thank you for being here.

Cindy Tysinger:   Thanks for having me on.

Katherine Morales: Yeah.

Cindy Tysinger:  So grateful, thank you.

Katherine Morales:   Beautiful, beautiful. Such a rich interview, I didn’t expect anything less, but every time I speak to you I’m blown away. You’ll find this-

Cindy Tysinger: I’m honored-

Katherine Morales: Yeah, you’ll find this here on LinkedIn, and of course I’ll put it up on my website afterwards, and YouTube. And yeah, I’ll just say I hope you tune in too, Cindy, for our next show, it’s on November 16th.

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you.

Katherine Morales: Same time, 1:30 pm Eastern time, I’m talking to Sharon Ve, she is The Inspired Attorney. So I think you two would get along.

Cindy Tysinger:  Awesome, I like that.

Katherine Morales: Thank you so much. Yeah, I’ll have to tell her about the oracle reading.

Cindy Tysinger: Thank you so much for having me on the show, I really appreciate it, Katherine, I’m just honored, thank you.

Katherine Morales: Of course, of course, thank you, Cindy. And thank you all for joining, we’ll see you next time. Bye.

Cindy Tysinger: All right, bye.