Where to Find Clients Now: How to Build Your Sustainable Path to Growth

Whether you’re searching to find clients on LinkedIn, Facebook or some other digital network or to find clients at professional networking groups, the whole task of “business development” for entrepreneurs can be a challenging one.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself hustling, whether behind the screen of your computer or all-around town. This word, hustle, is one many entrepreneurs and small business owners have come to accept, and even make positive. But hustle is just “busy movement & activity;” and the truth is, busy is not always beneficial.

So, if you’ve found yourself exhausted, confused or just plain frustrated by the search to find clients for your business, without the need to show up everywhere, all the time, there is a better way to simplify the process.

It’s called an Intersection; and it’s WHERE and/or WHEN your customers’ needs/wants for what your business has to offer are at their highest point.

Choosing to identify the Intersections for your business is about choosing NOT to hustle, but instead, to drive. And drive is the opposite of hustle, it’s intentional, strategic, and proactive. When you can target in on these Intersections, you can show up at Powerful Points; in front of the right people, prospects and/or businesses; and maximize the opportunity to connect with qualified leads for your business!

It makes sense that you want to spend your time, money, and energy where it will be most valued and go further for you and your business. It’s so easy to slip away and you can’t usually get it back. So, it’s no longer about spinning around and around in circles, waiting for what comes your way or even rushing to get “there.” Because when you move beyond the simple ‘problem/solution’ formula, you can avoid the race all together.

What do I mean by the problem/solution formula?

Let’s imagine you’re a wellness consultant offering your services to corporations. The problem you’re seeking to solve is the overworked, stressed workforce. Your solution is, of course, your program or services.

But with this simple problem/solution formula, every other wellness consultant is seeing the same problem and, instead, presenting their solution.

Inevitably, this may, ironically, lead you (i.e., the wellness consultant) to feel overworked and stressed. Why? Because you’re hustling to get to the corporations first!

But this is a flawed approach, a false reality. People and corporations don’t usually buy because you’re the first to reach them. They buy because you understand what they value, and you’ve done a great job showing them WHY you may be the right one to solve their problem (or assist with their opportunity). It’s all about the genuine connection you can build.

So, what does it look like to move beyond the problem/solution formula? To understand what your prospect clients’ value.

Let’s go back to the wellness consultant searching for corporations as clients.

If we think about where the Intersectionmay be, we must consider where the corporation’s need or want for the consultant’s services will be heightened. Therefore, we need to put ourselves in their shoes for a moment and see the “drive” they may be on.

The first thing to do is to focus in on the corporations and get specific about WHERE these companies may be. You can focus geographically, but why limit yourself if you can offer your services online and off? The real WHERE that matters is the types of companies and/or departments inside an organization that are likely to experience greater demand, stress and/or burnout. This journey may lead the wellness consultant to consider sales teams. And instead of chasing sales directors all year long, the consultant is going to get strategic and in drive. And WHEN does a sales director and his/her team (predictably) feel overworked and the heightened point of stress? Leading into the final quarter of the year.

Now, instead of hustling to be the first to connect with as many corporations as possible, the wellness consultant (i.e., you) focused in on your Intersections and discovered not only the shortcut (many of your competitors might not see or be tuned into), but also built a sustainable path for business development and growth!

If you want to know where to find clients now, think about the unique opportunity that may exist with your prospects, as well as WHERE and WHEN it may be taking place. This is how you begin to reveal your Intersections; and, in turn, plot the points on the map to gain direction in marketing your business.

Truth be told, there are two types of places you should prioritize for building business – 1) the places you show up on/at that help you gain qualified leads, partners and/or business opportunities and 2) the places you show up on/at that ‘fill your cup;’ meaning a group or place that keeps you inspired, motivated, driven, or even replenished. Every entrepreneur needs 1 or 2 of these second ones.

It’s time to stop accepting the “hustle” that comes with the life of a business owner. Now is the time to discover your Intersections and get into drive to grow your business!