What if I told you, your voice has the ability (on its own) to attract your base? What if you could look around and see individuals, customers and/or clients truly seeing, appreciating, and valuing you, who you are and the work you do?

These days, so much of marketing has to do with searching for the solution outside of ourselves and our businesses, hoping it’ll be “the thing” that helps us to finally standout and get more leads. But that journey is cyclical, only bringing you back again and again to the same place or feeling when the leads dry-up and you’re searching.

Building “a surround,” or as I like to call it, your Base is what it takes to have a successful, sustainable business. People standing by, visiting and valuing what you have to offer. But there’s a big difference between attracting an audience through extravagant tactics, costly measures and manufacturing the “perfect” marketing message versus attracting your Right Someones™ by tuning into your authentic voice and validating the voice of your (prospect) customers.

In the first scenario, you’re bound to attract a crowd, but few, if any, are likely to stick around because they were just drawn to the “spectacle.” In the second scenario, it’s as if you’ve played a note that only your Right Someones can hear. And, when it combines with their own note, it creates a natural harmony.

Imagine that…harmony.

What if marketing could allow you to build true connections with your clients and/or customers? Connections built on truth, vulnerability, balance and for mutual benefit. At the end of the day, this is what businesses are built to do – serve, help, teach, provide and/or protect other people. Without the understanding that both need each other to be successful, fulfilled and/or content, we’re beginning our marketing from the wrong place.

So, I ask you, where do you want your marketing to start? Are you ready to discover your Authentic Brand and share your authentic voice? To validate the voice of your (prospect) customers? Are you ready to build a Base and BE the voice in a surround?