Unpack Your Truth by Dee DiFatta #MyBoldStory

Recently, I came to terms with the daunting task of downsizing and transitioning out of our home.

I completely understood and appreciated that moving was the next best step for our family, but I could not seem to convince my mind. My thoughts were running amok.

  • Is everything going to be okay?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • How do I do this?

I was both excited and terrified about the uncertainty of this situation.

Packing up and moving is a huge undertaking for a ‘normal’ person; but I was also struggling with mobility issues, resulting from Multiple Sclerosis.

I immediately felt anxious and overwhelmed until I remembered that…


As a PositiviDee Trainer and Coach, I empower people to boldly shift from negative self-talk to positive thoughts so they can experience more fun and freedom in their lives.

Now was the time to follow my own advice and set the intention to be a non-critical observer, so I could continue to learn and grow.

  • Instead of fixating on how hard this was going to be, I set the intention of ease and grace.
    • By Modifying my mindset, I created a calmer space to navigate my way through this adventure. 
  • Instead of focusing on the destination, I trusted the process.
    • By Adjusting my attitude to gratitude, I was thankful for this opportunity to release the things that were no longer serving me.
  • Instead of worrying about the daunting task at hand, I reminded myself to take baby steps.
    • By Pivoting my perspective, I was able to find peace in pacing myself.

After embracing these new ways (i.e., M.A.P.) of moving forward, I started by cleaning out one small drawer in the bathroom. I celebrated this little win so I could fill my mind with positive vibes and get excited for what was next.

In the morning, I felt energized and inspired to clean out two more drawers and even attempt the closet. When I noticed myself getting tired and depleted, I honored and respected my body by taking a break.

As I continued throwing things out and getting organized, I started to feel lighter. I noticed I was not only eliminating the physical clutter in my home; I was also liberating myself from the attachment I felt towards the house itself.

WOW! This was a huge accomplishment.

It could only get easier. Right?


Going through the boxes in the basement was an entirely different story.

It forced me to acknowledge old memories from the past that invoked negative thoughts and emotions.

Every part and piece of me wanted to run away and avoid them, but I was determined to dig deep and observe these memories with a loving heart.

As I opened the first box, I saw my baby book. It looked sweet and innocent; but as I started reading it, I realized that I had been critical of myself since I was six years old. I started to feel irritated and remorseful.

As I sat quietly with my emotions, my mind was racing with old stories of blame, shame, guilt and regret.

Then, I consciously shifted my attention back to my intention of just being a non-judgmental observer.

I had grown up and changed so much since then. I was proud of my progress and decided to release these negative memories by discarding my baby book in the dumpster.

The next day, I ventured back downstairs and opened another box. This time I found old papers and report cards from school. I started to feel stupid and frustrated when I came face-to-face with an “F” I received on a test in college.

At this point in my life, I was an overachieving, stressed-out perfectionist. I was unconsciously trying to earn love and prove my worthiness with good grades.

After seeing this, I took a minute to stop, pause, breathe and find gratitude in learning some valuable lessons.

  • Worthiness is my birthright.
  • Failure is a steppingstone to success.
  • Adversity builds inner strength and resilience.

As I continued to unpack boxes, I found old tax returns and bankruptcy documents that revealed a theme of scarcity and lack.

I found notes and medical records my mom had saved regarding my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis that illuminated a story of mental hardness and inflexibility.

But I reminded myself that these old stories were not facts. They were never meant to derail or define me. Their purpose was to redirect me on my divine path.

I felt utter joy and satisfaction in shredding and recycling these old memories that I had allowed to question my abilities.

All the struggles I have encountered in the past 50 years of my life have given me the confidence, courage and clarity necessary, to guide others through their trials and tribulations.

By going through this process of downsizing and releasing the stuff that was no longer bringing me joy, I was able to unpack my truth. I was also able to create the M.A.P. Method to help other people on a mission live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Don’t be afraid to dig into the past to redefine your future!

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