Size Doesn’t Matter: How Smaller Brands Are Now Taking the Lead

Everybody wants to be big…that is when it comes to the size of your company. But, just how do you do it? You know you’ve got something special, something ingenious, something everyone should want. But, why is it that you feel you’re still struggling to effectively share it? Big brands aren’t built overnight. It’s a process and it takes time, commitment and curiosity.

Survey says…

The Harris Poll Annual Reputation Quotient Study was recently released and for the first time, local brands like Wegmans, Publix and Aldi, were among the top 10. While companies like Apple and Google – who, in the past, may have been shoe-ins for the top 10 – dropped to #28 and #29 respectively.

As entrepreneurs, this is an exciting time. Never has there been greater opportunity, reward (and risk), for growing your brand than now. Today’s customers are listening, looking and open to connecting with brands that share their values, listen to their interests, and speak to their desires. They’re more loyal than ever.

Do you have “it”?

Brands that get “it” will naturally rise to the top; building a reciprocal relationship with their customers – recognizing that their brand is just as much what their customers say it is, as what they say it is. This interdependence, what I like to call “The Brand ConnectionSM,” is healthy and should be wholly embraced by companies seeking to scale authentically and organically.

An omni-channel effort

Growing your brand won’t happen on social media alone, nor thanks to an amazing media hit or even after a powerful, well-attended presentation. Just like an orchestra, your marketing efforts must play in harmony – optimizing the right message, delivered over the right channels, at the right time, to the right customers. Any other way would be like playing part of a song to an empty amphitheater.

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the potential your brand can achieve through empathetic growth. But, it certainly does matter when it comes to the quantity of quality customers your company is connecting with. Will your brand rise to the top?