Share Your Voice…Where It Can Be Heard

Among many things that last month’s passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) taught us, one of the most impactful is the power and importance of sharing your voice. But voice isn’t just a vocal sound we make, what gives our voice strength is our unique point of view, perspective and/or approach; and its ability to create impact!

While not a requirement, I find that many entrepreneurs are drawn to become business owners because they hold a different attitude, thought or belief about what they do and/or about the industry they’re in. You want to make an impactBut often, you may find sharing your voice isn’t always simple. Perhaps there are times you find yourself affected by one of these common thoughts…


  1. Who am I to Say This?

One of the most common feelings an entrepreneur will experience somewhere along their journey in business is what’s known as the “imposter syndrome.” Though normal, it’s something that you’re likely to think you’re alone in feeling. Whether you doubt your skills, talents or overall experience, the thought is likely to result in a lack of confidence in claiming your value. But the truth is, the moments you’re most likely to feel it are those when you’re growing; when you’re expanding yourself to the next level.

And whether that’s six months into becoming an entrepreneur or a few years in and you’re expanding your offerings, it’s not about waiting for someone to validate your credibility. Rather, it’s about quieting the voice of doubt inside and letting your authentic self speak up. Because chances are you’ll have something really remarkable to say.


  1. Did I Say Too Much?

Of course you’re an expert at what you do. Entrepreneurs don’t usually decide to start their own business without extensive work and/or life experiences to back them up. However whether it’s the overuse of jargon, front-loading the conversation with all your “expertise” or being long-winded, it’s important to know none of that will bring you closer to your prospects. In fact, the likely result will be your prospects feeling overwhelmed and/or unable to clearly interpret the information you’re sharing (i.e., over their heads).

While reasons for the overshare may be varied – nerves, excitement and/or passion for what you do, it’s important to know that the best way to share your voice and exceptional expertise is piece-by-piece. It should play out as a natural unfolding if you will. Each message you share piques more and more curiosity until there is solid interest. Think of your marketing like a chef would his/her cuisine. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm someone right away with a rich, four-course meal. Instead, you’d tantalize them with a sample tasting of your unique flavors and ingredients. What original recipes does your business own?


  1. I Can’t Find the Right Words.

Perhaps you’re telling yourself, “Messaging just isn’t my thing.” You’ve tried time after time to make what you do sound special and compelling. But it’s no wonder you’re struggling. WHAT you do will never completely differentiate you from others; instead, it’s HOW and WHY you do it that indeed sets you apart. And the answers to those questions – HOW, WHY – begin within and, yet, connect directly to your prospect client/customer.

You see, communication lives on a two-way street, and saying the right words is about meeting in the middle. It’s not all your voice and none of theirs or all their voice and none of yours; rather, the best words you can share resonate with both you and your prospect. A harmony of your common values.


Sharing your voice isn’t about making the most noise (most often). It’s about how your voice and message, as an entrepreneur, can truly be heard as an echo in the hearts and minds of your prospects.

An authentic voice can never be manufactured; rather, it’s unearthed, empowered and impactful. Don’t let these thoughts – Who Am I to Say This, Did I Say Too Much or I Can’t Find the Right Words – get in the way of your ability to make the impact you know you and your business can. Connect with your authenticity to simplify your messaging and to discover your natural ability to standout.