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    Cledra Gross, founder //
    Step Into Freedom

    “Katherine’s authentic brand discovery process helped me position myself as a Life Coach in a way that highlighted my unique method for creating transformation. This has resulted in me attracting more of my ideal clients, piqued more interests at networking events, and just recently landed me a speaking series opportunity with a company using the brand positioning we worked on together for four (4) talks after they found me online!”

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    Peter Antonets, co-founder //

    “The Brand Connection program allowed me to clearly identify the foundation of my company’s brand and helped hugely with the messaging. I changed my angle of approach and immediately started getting more responses from the introductions with my prospects…Katherine takes the complexity out of the marketing framework and helps you understand and formulate the basics of ‘getting out there’ without much expense or daunting online activity.”

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    Dr. Julie G., DPT, business owner //
    PRISM Wellness Center

    “Katherine has a keen intuition for tapping into exactly what someone values in their business and brand. Before working with Katherine, I was growing a very successful business, but I did not feel clear on how to present myself online or in-person. I have several different target audiences and specialties, and it was hard to decide which version of me and my business I should talk about.

    Katherine helped cut through the clutter so I could gain clarity on messaging and branding that was authentic to me as a person and to my business. And, bonus – the messaging is interchangeable among each of my target clients and markets, so I can present myself and my business with one unified front versus several different sets of messages.”

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    Danielle R., business owner //
    Dani Lou Illustrates

    “As someone who works with other companies’ brands on a regular basis, it’s never as easy to work on your own. Katherine helped me take a step back to see my business’s strengths and areas where I could improve. After working with her on my brand story and strategic messaging, I immediately saw a difference in my ability to market myself. I feel more confident, organized and intentional when I meet with potential clients and that has directly translated into doubling my monthly income since working with Katherine. I couldn’t be happier with my results.”

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    Cherish C., Esq., founding partner //
    De la Cruz Law, LLC

    “Katherine is an absolute joy to work with for all of my marketing endeavours! She created a comprehensive plan for my law firm with actionable steps for me to implement the plan. Her vision and expertise are outstanding. I feel more confident about my branding and marketing strategy with her as my brand strategist. I plan to use her company for all of my marketing needs.”

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    Daryl L., head of marketing & sales //

    “Talk about a thoughtful, well-structured, and strategic voice (read: marketer)! Katherine excels in brand building. She pulls together holistic PR & marketing strategies that helped our company double our social media followers, drive inbound traffic with well-written content, and develop a unified voice. Enjoyed working with Katherine, and recommend her to companies looking for a strong marketing strategy and help in executing.”