Outside Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever wondered what’s waiting for you just outside your comfort zone? When you start your business, you do it because you have a skill or expertise you want to share. You have a unique vision and all the details of how you’ll do that. And, as risky as it is, it’s still very comfortable to you because it’s familiar. You know what you do. However, what quickly becomes uncomfortable is describing to others what you do, at least in a compelling way, or in a way that stands out among similar industries or professions.

You’ll test different messages in front of different audiences. You’ll try to arrange the perfect position in the room so you can go first or last, or maybe it’s the middle that’s best when you stand to give your latest elevator speech.

But, the only way to truly stretch yourself and your business to reach the next height, and ultimately to reach your inflection point, is to work outside your comfort zone. And, the good news is, if you do that long enough, or often enough, your comfort zone begins to expand.

Today it’s giving an elevator speech in front of 30 other business owners, tomorrow it’ll be giving a talk addressing a crowd of 15, 30, 50 and maybe even 100+. Operating your business requires you to learn how to communicate effectively and how to be seen. But, those two things can be uncomfortable for many people.

Hiding behind your computer will keep you disconnected from your customers. You may grow your business, but it’s likely to cost you much more. The truth is, we already possess our greatest marketing asset, and that’s our authentic brand.

But what’s required to tap into our authentic brands? Curiosity and vulnerability. And, while these two things may necessitate you to explore outside your comfort zone, you’ll soon realize there’s no more comfortable place to be than authentically yourself!

What helps you to stand tall in a room including others in your industry (i.e., competitors) or feel confidence giving a talk, is the clarity that there is only one you and you know how to convey that!

Don’t let fear (or uncomfortable circumstances) stand in the way of your brand shining and your business growing. Consider that outside your comfort zone may be the stretch you’re needing.