Networking to Build Relationships by Kari Beebe #MyBoldStory

We’ve all heard the saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know.” When I was growing up, I was the first one to roll my eyes at this notion – clearly, I could stand by my good GPA and my degree, and employers would come flocking. Well, they didn’t flock, and in fact, I got turned down so many times I started losing count. Only once I had a full-time (but low paying) job where I was over skilled for the position, was I able to make a connection that led me to a REAL full-time job with REAL pay in REAL benefits.

Recently my older daughter graduated from college. She thought she had a job lined up in a nearby city, but it fell through for a variety of reasons. I was not about to have her lounging on the couch all day and only applying for jobs that she could find online via her trusty smartphone. So, I started taking her with me every time I had a networking function. At first, she rolled her eyes, but then quickly realized the value of knowing people and having a network that can help your business, help your charity, and in some cases like my daughter, help you get a job. She’s even invited me to events that I didn’t know existed.

I’ve always believed that education should include some basic life skills, and networking is one of them! As my daughter quickly learned, you cannot accomplish everything by using just your smartphone. Talking with, interacting with AND resonating with other people is necessary to build relationships. It’s been rewarding to show and teach that skill to my daughter, one that will serve her for the rest of her lifetime. I’m pretty sure she cannot write out a paper check correctly – but I bet she knows a banker that can help her.

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