It’s Time to BE BOLD

(and release what’s holding you back)…


Nov. 8 – 11, 2021

How often have you waited? Waited for the right time? The confidence? The certainty to do something – that lives deep down in your heart that you’ve been wanting to do for some time.

That’s my story; and likely, every other entrepreneur’s, at one time or another. And that’s what the Be Bold: Light Up & Launch Retreat is all about…

Photo Courtesy of The CREATiON Companies, LPFor two years, I’ve envisioned an intimate, authentic retreat for entrepreneurs to gather by the warmth of my fire to be wholly themselves, to connect with other heart-centered entrepreneurs, to nurture their unique light and create a plan to ignite it!

So what does it take to move past the waiting and envisioning? Bold Action!

Sure, you took the bold action to start your business and the brave actions to continue it through the challenges; but what now?

As you look at the final months of the year and see that a new one is just around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to move past the waiting, to unleash the possibility and to fulfill the promise you made to yourself…to make an impact now?

Photo Courtesy of The CREATiON Companies, LPUnleash the Possibility

What would be possible for you and your business if you could:

  • Loosen Your Grip on what’s holding you back,
  • Connect Authentically with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs,
  • See Clearly how to elevate your business,
  • Reveal Stories you can wholly own & share to grow your business,
  • Bring Greater Value and connection to your current & future customers/clients,

And Build the Plan to take Bold Action in your business!

Do It On Purpose

I believe marketing should only be done one way – on purpose!

The purpose you hold in your heart and the purpose of clear actions to grow your business! This Retreat is designed to put you in touch with both. To combine the bold and the brave. To help you align your authentic self with your brand and intentional marketing actions.

In my business, I talk about Intersections™. They are WHERE and/or WHEN your clients’ needs/wants for what your business has to offer are at their highest point. I tell my clients that there are places that fill your cup (i.e., motivate & inspire you) and places that build your business (i.e., feed your growth); and if you’re lucky, you find a place that does both!

Photo courtesy of Serenbe websiteA Retreat To Do Both!

Just a 30-minute drive from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is a utopian, wellness community known as Serenbe. This is where the Be Bold Retreat will be held. By the very nature of this community, an authentic brand was born. Each part of the community – including the exclusive Stone Cottage where we’ll stay – was created with intention.

Photo Property of The CREATiON Companies, LPIncluded in your registration:

  • 3-night, all-inclusive stay at 3 Stone Cottage
  • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners and s’more surprises!
  • On-hand snacks & beverages

For Yourself:

  • An invitation to tap into your authentic self & share what’s in your heart
  • Time and space to breathe in a serene environment that’s not your home or home office
  • A place to step away from the interruptions – kids, family, clients, laundry…you name it – to focus fully on what you need to move forward with fervor
  • A welcoming environment to learn how to turn towards the future and the opportunity to grow your business
  • Fireside moments each evening to reflect, connect and just be
  • And of course, the chance to make seven (7) new, heart-centered entrepreneurial friends!

For Your Business:

Your Personal Light Up & Launch Bundle, including your:

  • Pre-Event:
    1. One-Hour, Private Video Consultation Call with Savannah Power
    2. One-Hour, Private Authentic Brand Connection Call with Katherine Morales, APR
  • Authentic Brand Identification Document
  • Social Story Campaign Strategy & Outline (for your primary social channel)
  • Fully Produced, Authentic One-Minute Brand Video (or up to 25 Headshots/Brand Photography)
  • 60-Day Strategic Marketing Plan (to activate your Bold)
  • Post-Event: One-Hour, Private Plan Consultation Call with Katherine Morales, APR
As well as 3-full days of training with Award-Winning, Authentic Brand Strategist™ Katherine Morales, APR, and her guest speakers:

Our Guest Speakers:


Dori Klass, MBA

Dori Klass & Associates, Inc.

My entire life has been about seeding awareness, consciousness and growth, deeper healing, exploration and love. It is what I do, how I love and parent our four boys, how I lead in the workplace and at home, and what I bring to my clients, colleagues, family and friends. It is deeply satisfying for me to help people to awaken and find the courage to turn toward the unknown, the creative sparks and potential within and around them, and learn how to bring what they are learning into alignment in their outer lives. As a woman, wife and mother of 30+ years, as a leader in corporate America for 20+ years and as a heart-centered entrepreneur and complexity and depth coach for 18+ years, I inspire courage for the leader within. I love to surround myself with people committed to calling each other forth and using their power well.   


Brian Perry

Brian Perry, LLC

With a through-line of decades as a storyteller, I serve as a singer/ songwriter, author, speaker, copywriter and ‘that guy who writes on his car.’ My most recent book is, ”The Myth Of Certainty…And Other Great News.” I believe the path to taking the stress out of sharing you and your brand lives in authentic, powerful storytelling. Reach your people where they are by being who you are.


Savannah Power

Myrro Video

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than empowering you to share your authentic story.

A creative in every sense of the word, I have been working as a video content producer for six-plus years (actually, since I was old enough to hold a camera). With a BFA in Visual Media Arts, I have worked as a Production Assistant, Coordinator, and, ultimately, 2nd Assistant Director in high-end commercial productions before launching my own video production, photography and design company, Myrro, in 2016.

Only ONE (1) SPOT left!*

Hurry Now!

Ready to stop waiting…and start taking Bold Action?

*Note: To ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required. This means that all Retreat attendees will need to have completed both vaccine shots at least 14 days prior to the event.

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