How to Naturally Attract Leads

Let’s face it, you’ve tried the bells, the whistles and even the fireworks; but maybe you’re still struggling with attracting qualified leads to your business. You’re networking, live streaming and posting across various social channels, even ‘boosting’ when you can. But for all that time, money, and energy you’re putting in, are you seeing the ROI? Yes, marketing your business has shifted as our society has as well. But there are a few beliefs we still need to shift so you can more naturally attract the right leads for your business:


Belief #1: “If I build it, they will come.”

There are so many options for marketing/communication channels these days. In many ways, it’s easy to believe that gives us more opportunity to reach new leads. This can be true; but the reality for most businesses is it equates to more time, money, and confusion. So, even when you do settle that and you build out your presence on a new channel (social, podcast, blog, etc.); just because you’ve built it, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come. Now you must market to let them know you’re there! Oh, and you mustn’t overlook the algorithms making it even harder to reach your social followers without the extra spend. Building it can feel exciting at first; and then, almost deflating.

The truth is, it’s not about being everywhere but the right there. Big brands employ entire teams and firms to ensure they can be omnipresent. But it’s almost counterintuitive earlier on in your business; it’s about having clear presence of exactly where you need to be and when to connect with your most qualified leads.

So, the takeaway here is limit what you build and when you do, build it in the right place.


Belief #2: “I’m not doing enough.”

Ahh…hustle. It’s become a ubiquitous term with entrepreneurship. And, it’s a consequence of the belief you’re not doing enough. By definition, hustle is “busy movement & activity.” But my question is, where are you going and what are you doing?

So often, businesses build their map based on the actions and common destinations of other businesses. This comes from a place of comparison and action first. And, the inevitable outcome is a feeling you’re never doing enough to keep up. In reality, the shortest path to naturally attracting your best leads is the one that begins with your authenticity and intentions. It’s the foundation of Authentic Marketing and what puts you in drive. Drive is the opposite of hustle; it’s proactive, purposeful and has clear strategic direction.


Belief #3: “I need to do something BIG!”

This goes along with the belief that bigger is always better. If you’re not attracting leads to your business, you tend to think you need to do more to be seen and heard. If you can just be brighter and louder, they’ll see you, right? That’s how you can stand out.

But this is what leads to buying full page ads, billboards and/or big digital ad spends too early in your business. You throw all your hope and money into something “big” without knowing you already have all you need.


As we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance and power of words to shift people’s thoughts and move them to action, the same is true for your business. Your brand is the perception that exists in the minds of your customers, clients, and prospects. The question is, are you helping to shape it?

It’s not about a big show or bigger marketing; rather, it’s about nurturing a genuine connection. What truly builds the best connection with your most qualified leads is the truest resonance and experience you can provide to them in the most memorable and authentic way. With greater focus and a shift in these limiting beliefs, you can more naturally attract qualified leads to your business. But it starts with the power of your words to share your authentic story.