How to Create Traction with Your Marketing

These days, there’s no shortage of ways we can spend our time and money when it comes to marketing. Social media, ads, events, sponsorships, direct mail…you name it! The truth is, it’s very easy to become preoccupied and busy with your marketing efforts. But have you stopped to ask yourselves how beneficial your marketing efforts have been for your bottom-line? Busy doesn’t necessarily equal beneficial.

When it comes to creating traction with your marketing, it requires you to focus on four key areas:



If you’ve ever been in the same room with another business like your own and wondered how you’re going to standout, how you’re going to walk away with any leads, it’s time to tap into your brand’s authenticity. Beyond the what and how of your business and into the why – why you and only you? When you can begin to recognize that there truly is no business like your own, you can begin to build traction. The clarity and confidence you will feel with your business will be palpable.


But it’s not about standing in front of a mirror, boosting your brand’s confidence. Because communications will always work two ways – to your prospect and from your prospect, it’s essential that you seek to create resonance. Think about why your prospect may need or want what you have to offer. Then, look beyond that need or want to their why. Resonance is about more than having the best message. It’s also about authentically delivering that message at the right place and time. Where do you and your prospects intersect? Traction isn’t about hustle and being everywhere. It’s about being at the right there and right when.


When you’re asked to describe your ideal prospects, you likely go to demographic descriptions (e.g., age, gender, income, occupation, etc). But, if you really think about it, it’s the psychographic attributes (e.g., attitudes, aspirations, values, etc.) that matter most when it comes to their decision to buy. You see, demographics explain who your prospect is while psychographics explain why they buy. With so much competition, content and chatter out in the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from both a time and money perspective. But it isn’t the brands with the deepest pockets who will stand the test of time. It’s the businesses who are curious enough to understand and value their prospects (and customers/clients) that will rise to the top. Attraction is the main ingredient to creating traction.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s true! If you have the dedication and determination to market your business with intention, you will see traction. But, you may find that when you’re on the road a while, it can get monotonous and/or confusing sometimes. Or, worse, you get comfortable with your retention and referrals and stop proactively marketing altogether. There are two things you should know about creating traction with your marketing. 1) It’s not a sometimes thing. It’s an all times thing. Market when you do and don’t need it. Your current and future customers/clients will benefit. After all, there’s only one you and your business has value to share! 2) Develop the habit of tracking your marketing efforts. What works and what doesn’t. Quite simply, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. But, don’t expect to see the ROI with your marketing efforts if you aren’t tracking it to begin with.

Creating traction with your marketing for your business is all about the D.R.A.W. Does your business draw in its best customers/clients through intentional and authentic marketing actions or keep busy with frequent activities (e.g., social postings, events, etc.) and no clear picture of what is/is not working? It’s up to you to decide, will you market with purpose or preoccupation?