Dee DiFatta, Perspective & PositiviDee Coach

A Dose of PositiviDee

“When I met Katherine, I was struggling to find the right words to attract the right clients. I was speaking my own language but they didn’t understand it. Since completing the Authentic Brand Flame Group Program, I now speak from my intention and my Authentic Brand Pillars to reach my clients. By coming up with the right words for WHAT I Do, HOW I Do It Better, and WHY I Am Special, I am more confident in my abilities and am capable of attracting the right people to my business. Since completing the Program, a lot of new people have been attracted to my business and want to hear more. I have new and old clients actively engaged and signing up for my new offerings.
The Group Program was full of love and support for one another. We encouraged each other to be authentic and vulnerable; and by sharing our stories, we set ourselves free from limiting beliefs and insecurities. Katherine was a generous and gracious leader. She met us where we were on our journey, offered amazing guidance and insight, and held space for our transformation.”