Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs Episode 1: “Trust Your Inner Voice” with Savannah Power

In this episode of “Authentic Conversations with Entrepreneurs,” I had the great pleasure of speaking with entrepreneur, Savannah Power of Myrro Media, as she shared her Authentic Story of being bullied in her youth, seeking to find & trust her inner voice and how it all connects back to HOW and WHY she does what she does in her business. This is for the entrepreneur who is/has experienced doubt, discouragement or found yourself ‘people-pleasing’ in your journey of entrepreneurship. Want to learn more about Savannah? Check out her website or follow her on Instagram. Click here to download a FREE copy of Savannah’s On-Camera Prep Guide and you can find a full transcript of our conversation below.


Katherine Morales:  Thank you so much for joining this first episode of Authentic Conversations. You’re probably wondering what an authentic conversation is and who are we talking with? Well, I have the great pleasure of welcoming Savannah Power, based in Texas. I am in Georgia, so thank goodness for virtual, right? Savannah is an intuitive photographer and videographer. Her company is Myrro and it’s all about reflecting your truth.

We’re talking to Savannah today, but I want to give a bit of context of who we’ll be talking with in these authentic conversations. It’s all about talking with entrepreneurs and it’s about highlighting and humanizing that journey of entrepreneurship. What is it like? Not just the best, but the true experience of bringing all of you to your business. That’s what this is about, is creating a place to explore all of who you are and to actually seeing how aligning all of who you are with your business is what actually ignites it.

I’m thrilled to kick off our first episode with Savannah and our topic today, the message Savannah has to share, is to trust your inner voice. Let’s start there, Savannah, what does this phrase mean to you? What does it mean to trust your inner voice? When did you first hear this message?

Savannah Power:  Absolutely. Well, thank you so much for having me, first of all. I’m super excited to be here with you and you know I love authentic conversations, so this is my happy place.

Katherine Morales:  Yes, I couldn’t have the first episode without you.

Savannah Power:  This topic of trusting your inner voice is really big for me right now, I feel like it always has been, as well. I think for entrepreneurs it’s an especially important one, because our inner voice is our guide as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate self-development course in life.

Katherine Morales:  Amen, amen.

Savannah Power:  A growth course in life, and so if you can’t identify that inner voice and learn to listen to it and let it be your ultimate guide, you’re going to hit a lot more resistance and struggle than you would, I think, if you learn to really listen and again, trust and know that that inner voice is for your highest good and that it’s coming from Source or your highest self, or whatever you want to call it that works for you, but it’s coming from a place of ultimate expansion. It’s been something I’ve struggled with for a really, really long time. I’ve never been good at it, which is why you teach what you need to learn, so that’s why I’ve brought it into so much of my business, because it really helps me to help other people, also, with this topic.

Katherine Morales:  I love that and we’re going to get there. But let’s start with what is that struggle? What is that story? I mean, how did you come to know that this was so important?

Savannah Power:  Yeah, absolutely. When I was young, I always grew up being bullied, I experienced a lot of bullying growing up. It started in the fourth grade, when I was brought into this bathroom by a girl who was older than me and just smacked across the face for being nice to the new girl, which my inherent go-to is to be nice and I remember being just really confused.

Katherine Morales:  Kids are horrible sometimes.

Savannah Power:  Oh my gosh, kids, yeah, that gives me so much anxiety about the future or just kids in general.

Katherine Morales:  My four and a half-year-old, please, God.

Savannah Power:  Yeah, if I had a child in school…

Katherine Morales:  There we are with you.

Savannah Power:  It’s important, it’s been a huge part of my journey and has made me who I am, so ultimately, grateful these things happened. Anyways, there I was, I was in this situation where I felt confused and really scared and just victimized and not allowed to listen to my inner voice, not allowed to do the thing that felt right to me in that moment.

Katherine Morales:  You’re that girl.

Savannah Power:  Exactly and this became a pattern for me of sidestepping what Savannah wanted or what Savannah needed or what Savannah’s voice was saying for this other person’s opinion or this other person’s demand. And so all growing up, I just developed this really strong sense of needing to belong, which we all have, but doing that by people-pleasing. Doing that by putting my own needs aside and trying to fit in and trying to be liked and all of these sorts of things.

The ultimate peak for me of this was in high school when I was bullied yet again, but this time it was anonymous, over the internet. I was getting these anonymous, sexually graphic, really disturbing, just horrific messages for almost a full year. This really destroyed my mental health and my trust in myself, my trust in my friends. By the time I graduated high school I had no friends left except my boyfriend. I guess I had one friend and my boyfriend. I had no eyebrows or eyelashes because my anxiety response was to hair pull and skin pick.

I attempted suicide, or I’m sorry, I misspoke. Not attempted but considered and contemplated suicide on several occasions and really felt hopeless. And that there was something wrong with me and that I deserved to be attacked. This belief of feeling deserving of being attacked was really what I’ve now identified as a core wound or a soul wound.

So it wasn’t until much later in life that I’ve been able to excavate that and understand that that is the story that my childhood self learned and it is not the truth. I’ve been able to separate that story from my actual truth, which is actually that I’m powerful and that I’m a healer and that I’m mystical and that I have inherent gifts that can really, really help people. That’s how my journey started and has influenced the way that I do entrepreneurship and the way that I serve my clients.

Katherine Morales:  Well, I mean, incredible. Yes, I know you personally, so I can say yes, you are mystical and all those wonderful things, but to those who are just getting to know you, thank you for sharing that very personal story. A couple of interesting words, you said excavated, when I excavated that. How did you excavate and when did you begin to see that you could trust your inner voice? Obviously when you were younger or when you were 18, that wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

Savannah Power:  Yeah. I did a lot of therapy and coaching after all of that happened, which laid the groundwork and foundation for the work I’m doing now, but excavating and healing that soul wound is really something fairly recent for me. I’m really finally learning, people say process your feelings all the time. But I’m finally learning how and I do a lot of journaling, a lot of self-reflection and really just starting to give those different parts of me more expression, really listening to the things that they have to say, the learnings from those experiences.

The key tipping point for me was when I started to separate out the story that I had in my mind from the facts of what actually happened. That was my first epiphany moment of, oh my gosh, we can create stories and realities in our head that aren’t exactly true, that aren’t exactly what happened. That differentiator was the turning point for me in realizing that I wanted to help people recognize the stories in their heads.

Katherine Morales:   I love that. It’s so interesting that you do video work and I think that a lot of times there are stories that are just made up. But what’s so interesting, whether it’s in your head or on the screen, a lot of what we are used to seeing, is a big backbone to this show, is authentic conversations, authentic stories. There’s a lot of stories out there in marketing, there’s a lot of stories out there in entrepreneurship, but to tell a true one and an all of you one-

Savannah Power:  So powerful.

Katherine Morales:  How does this intersect with your business? Has it always been a part of your business or at what point did it begin to really ignite?

Savannah Power:  So after college I started making a documentary about my experience being cyber-stalked and this was my way of processing and understanding what had happened. As part of that documentary, that was when I put myself in forgiveness coaching and that was where I learned this story differentiator. So then I made the connection that making this film, this documentary, this telling my story, has really been a big part of my healing process. It’s forced me to have conversations I didn’t want to have. It’s forced me to confront how do I want to close this area of my life out? How do I want to finish this?

That was the first time I saw a connection between video work and healing. I started to incorporate that more into my business as far as getting entrepreneurs to tell their origin story and saying, look, if you can extract and tell this origin story and learn from it and bring it into your business and make it more foundational in what you do, it differentiates you, it heals you, it sets you apart and it gives other people a way into the work that you’re doing, if that makes sense.

Katherine Morales:  Well you know it does to me! To me this is how this beautiful superpower overlooking us made sure we met in Texas some years ago.

Savannah Power:  I’ll never forget that conversation. It was, “I’m an authentic brand strategist,” and “No way, I do authentic video.”

Katherine Morales:  Hugs, hugs, hugs.

Savannah Power:  Magic from there.

Katherine Morales:  Yeah, that’s beautiful. Along those lines, you’re saying this story you have to tell, your origin story as you refer to it, is something that your clients need to hear, so this being, I believe, some part of your origin story, how do you believe that relates to the journey or the experience that your clients are having?

Savannah Power:  I guess I see it as a lot of my ideal clients have struggled with this inner voice and have struggled to stand in their power. They have struggled to have the self-esteem and self confidence that they desire to have and really get in their own way in entrepreneurship and keep themselves from shining too bright and are too busy listening to that insecure child voice, instead of listening to their divine voice or what I call the divine inklings, that are all around us, all the clues to our higher self that are calling out to us.

Katherine Morales:   No deeper on that, divine inklings?

Savannah Power:   I coined this term, I don’t know, couple of years ago or a year ago, but divine inklings. They’re just these little clues, these little inklings to-

Katherine Morales:   That’s only part of what you do, right?

Savannah Power:   Yeah, totally. I had a client recently who we were planning on shooting a photography shoot at this one location and then the day of the shoot, I texted her and I was like, “You know what, every time I visualize our shoot, I think of us at this other spot, do you mind if we go there instead?” It ended up being just the perfect sunny, beautiful spot for her photos.

That’s the divine inkling. It’s allowing that voice to come through instead of being, oh no, I don’t want to be seen as last minute and changing the expectations or inconsistent, or whatever story you have, just recognizing that this voice is talking to you for a reason and this voice is telling you the direction that is right for you, for your clients. It’s like starting to listen to those little, oh, I should send that email, I should call that person, or, that person’s been in three dreams of mine, I should probably give them a text, make sure they’re okay.

Katherine Morales:  It’s so exciting, I love the whole term. Is it something that you note every day? I mean, I’m curious about it. How would guide your clients to take note of these divine inklings? What advice would you give for someone to get in touch with that?

Savannah Power:  My advice would be to get clients to spend some time in meditation. For me, they tend to come up when I’m visualizing my highest self, when I’m trying to create the reality that I desire. I’ll get these little divine inklings of next steps or things that need to be completed so I can get there. But it could also come just in the middle of the day while you’re driving anytime where your mind is a little bit turned off and you’re-

Katherine Morales:  Mine’s in the shower.

Savannah Power:  Unconscious, right? It’s coming from your unconscious.

Katherine Morales:  If I could have hosted this whole thing in the shower, no sorry.

Savannah Power:  Exactly. No, the shower, totally the shower. Yeah, you’ve got to put a little something in your shower you can write on.

Katherine Morales:  They do have those, I found them.

Savannah Power:  Yeah, totally.

Katherine Morales:  I love that, I love that. Let’s bring this into your business. So aside from you giving those tips to your clients, what about showing up on camera? You said your clients struggled with this inner voice, they struggle to stand in their power and to have that confidence. Well, how are they showing up on camera if they feel all of that? Obviously, I’m sure you guide them in some way.

Savannah Power:  That’s why I’m developing this process now to excavate and heal that soul wound and that inner voice before we go on camera together. For me it’s just really about helping people realize, truly know and realize that being more of you is the secret sauce that your business is missing, or that you need or that your clients need. So don’t try to perfect or change the way that you’re going to show up on camera. Just actually reflect in on, who am I and who was I as a child when I was playful, when I was fun, when I felt free and felt good?

Katherine Morales:  I got goosebumps when you said that.

Savannah Power:  What am I naturally? What is my natural essence? I actually created some journaling prompts around ideas like that, that I’ll share with you guys in a prep guide to help you prepare to be on camera. Yeah, perfect, those journaling prompts can help. I also have some stuff in there about choosing what to wear and your locations, but ultimately it’s how can I be-

Katherine Morales:  That’s enough, I love that. I love that, get it all in one.

Savannah Power:  Show more of me.

Katherine Morales:  Well, they both show up on screen, right? I’m sorry, I just had to I just had to, I got so passionate about that.

Savannah Power:  No, you’re good.

Katherine Morales:  I just feel like there are videographers to tell you what to wear or, or don’t wear the loud patterns or whatever all those tips are, but ALL OF YOU shows up on camera. To process some of that, I think, is so important. I just said yesterday on a presentation I gave, you said a secret sauce I said, your authentic self and being all of who you are is your best marketing asset. It is your differentiator.

Savannah Power:  It is, yeah.

Katherine Morales:  I love you Savannah, right there, sister. Right there.

Savannah Power:   I got you, yeah.

Katherine Morales:  Sorry, so this guide is available?

Savannah Power:  The guide is available and at the end of the day, for me at least, as a photographer and a videographer, I could care or less what you’re wearing, how your hair looks, any of that stuff. If you’re present and you’re getting into the emotions and you’re really there when you’re telling your story and you’re speaking from the heart, that’s the stuff that’s going to give people goosebumps. That’s the stuff that’s going to make people cry when they watch your video.

Katherine Morales:  You made me cry taking my video.

Savannah Power:  Yes, exactly.

Katherine Morales:  Real stuff.

Savannah Power:  It’s just getting rid of the distractions. I don’t want all the fluff; I want to hear you.

Katherine Morales:  I think I couldn’t agree more. I think our consumers, clients, our society, just wants more of the real people, right?

Savannah Power:  Yeah, absolutely.

Katherine Morales:  Not under a filter, not under a mask, who are you and who am I getting into business with?

Savannah Power:  Absolutely!

Katherine Morales:  Well, I think that this is just a beautiful message and a great way to kick off Authentic Conversations, talking all about authenticity. I know people are probably itching to get in touch with you, so how can they do that?

Savannah Power:  You can find me on my Instagram, which is @myrromedia. You can also reach out to me through my website. There’s a form fill on there to get in touch and schedule a call with me. I’d love to chat with anyone who’s interested in these topics, whether it be collaborating, partners, whatever.

Katherine Morales:   Divine inklings?

Savannah Power:  Yeah, divine inklings. I truly just love the work that I’m doing now and I’m very excited about it, so please reach out.

Katherine Morales:  I feel the fire in you with it!

Savannah Power:  Totally.

Katherine Morales:  I’m going to put your Instagram back up there because I have to say, there are other photographers that put up the pretty pictures and yours are beautiful. But the eyes don’t lie and I just had my Retreat at the end of last year, and thank you for being there to capture the essence of it-

Savannah Power:  My pleasure.

Katherine MoralesShowed up, but that’s what we did at the end. We looked at the pictures and we looked in the eyes and the eyes felt alive. I feel like you have a way of showing that and your posts aren’t just photos and here’s something pretty. It’s a story. The one you do it with the reflection in the girl, y’all have to go on her Instagram, it’s too good. I told you it was a fire, yes, I love this.

Savannah Power:  Thank you, it’s actually really cool, too, because the eyes thing for me is pretty recent, so even if you scroll just a little bit back, you can see a difference. If you go back to some of my earlier work, the eyes just feel like a little dead, or like just a little-

Katherine Morales:  Then you began, here we go, you found your inner voice.

Savannah Power:  Exactly.

Katherine Morales:   I love it, I love it.

Savannah Power:   You can see the difference; it’s pretty cool.

Katherine Morales:  I’m going to do that; that’s cool.

Savannah Power:   Yeah, do it.

Katherine Morales:   Thank you, thank you so, so much Savannah. Authentic Conversations is about what lives in all of us, because at the end of the day we bring the person to the business every day. This is the human experience. At one point or another it’s not the story specifics of your story, but that feeling of not being able to be all of who you are, having to quiet your voice, maybe pieces of others, of yourself. I feel that those are very relatable for entrepreneurs and people in business and life, too, so thank you.

Savannah Power:  Entrepreneurship is the ultimate reflection, the ultimate mirror.

Katherine Morales:  It brings all of it to the surface.

Savannah Power:   All of it right up, yeah.

Katherine Morales:  You thought that had nothing to do with this and oh yeah, now it does. That’s exactly what inspired me to start this and I think most importantly, being on here, it’s about, I call it standing in your fire, your fire is your strength. Thank you for standing in your fire, for having the courage to share your heart and what’s been authentic to you and the story behind you and your business, how it all aligns.

Savannah Power:  Thank you.

Katherine Morales:   That’s really beautiful and I’ve just loved having you on the show and meeting back then in Texas and being on this journey with you.

Savannah Power:  Yeah, me too, it’s been my pleasure! It’s been such a gift to know you and have you in my life and see eye to eye on these things. It’s been very validating for me and healing too, because it’s one thing to listen to your own inner voice, it’s another thing when someone has a similar inner voice and you’re like, oh, I’m not crazy.

Katherine Morales:  Look at that, I’m with you girl, I’m with you girl. Well, this is a wonderful way to kick it off and I just want to tell everyone that we will have these monthly episodes, the next one is going to be on February 17th with one of our dear friends, Dori Klass and she’ll be talking about, Be Big. I know you’re curious about that already.

Savannah Power:  Bow down to Queen Dori, she is amazing. You’ll love everything she has to say, she’s incredible. Definitely tune in.

Katherine Morales:   Awesome, this will be posted live, but let me put up your link actually, an extra one, this is the exciting one. I mean, your website, too, but get this guide and follow Savannah. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here for Episode One of Authentic Conversations with entrepreneurs, take care.

Savannah Power:   Bye.